Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hello 2008

New Year's Eve came and went punctuated about a row about whether or not we want another child, accusatory statements about our respective parenting skills/lack thereof and Take That live on the TV. Take That was the best bit. I made no resolutions other than to try not to bicker with the Man and not to argue with the Girl. Have failed already at both. Must try and think through what I really do feel about a potential third child. At the moment I am finding it hard to get further than a) simply wanting to be and to feel pregnant again and b) feeling cheated. Neither seem good reasons to go back to trying again. Could we be sufficiently good parents to three? Sometimes it doesn't feel like it.


DD said...

Hi, Betty. You have been a lovely new voice over at my blog so of course I have to come over and spread the love.

I truly understand that "feeling cheated" underlying motivator. Who knows if I'd made the choice I have in the past three years if that wasn't just a part of what goes through my head.

I'm sure a good portion of frustration around you is just that loss of control so you try to take up control on those around you. Go ahead and be angry for a while.

Unknown said...

Hi Betty

Thanks for dropping over to visit us. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage - having been through a couple I know how awful they are.

I think the best time to start a blog is when you're not in the best mood, for me at least, writing helps put things in perspective. I'll drop on in here in future and see how you're getting along.


Gail said...

Betty - I have to ask you something confidentially about what you posted on Thalia's blog. Can you please e-mail me?

Thalia said...

ha. you sneakily started blogging without telling me (until now). Do post some more.