Wednesday, 8 April 2009

F*ck - scan tomorrow

Have decided deep gloom is best preparation.

Good signs:
- getting up to pee in the night;
- nausea;
- dizziness;
- much more tired than normal;
- sleeping terribly;
- digestion weird;
- need for endless peppermint tea.
Bad signs:
- no throwing up like the previous times;
- able to clean teeth mostly without retching;
- boobs not much different - although I think the fact I'm still feeding the boy at night won't help on this one. Oh and feeding has become painful which I think might need to be in the good sign box.

None of the above is worth shit however as I have been in the every symptom under the sun but no viable pregnancy camp before. Nothing I can do about it anyway. If this goes tits up though I am done. As in use contraception done. At least I think so.

Good thing we get tomorrow afternoon off as it is Maundy Thursday (a rare civil servant perk). Given the location of the scan unit my credit card may take a bashing.

Think of me.


Almamay said...

Lots of love for tomorrow xoxoxox

Antropóloga said...

Best wishes. :)

Yo-yo Mama said...

Good news: your tomorrow is probably here by the time I write this and I am thinking, thinking, thinking of you.