Saturday, 14 June 2008

Time to do a meme or two

I have been tagged for my first meme (hi there Baby Step) and there is another one doing the rounds as well so what the hey I can do two. As I have been in a work/home frenzy this past couple of weeks this is probably the best I can do for a Saturday night.

So first up 6 word bio: slightly exotic, often cross, fiercely loyal

Next one 6 questions

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Living a mile and a half down the hill from where I am now. Working at big money law firm. Liking my colleagues hating but my job. Another year of working too late and starting too early. Starting to worry that getting pregnant was not going to be easy. Getting sick of the fertility monitor. And the highlight of the year 2 weeks on a slightly too small yacht with 3 friends and the husband in the Carribean - blue sky, clear water, dolphins playing in the bow wave and a squall to scare us - fantastic.

5 things on my "to do" list today?
Get my eyebrows threaded - done, goodbye unibrow.
Vacuum - done, my parents are coming tomorrow so need to give illusion of being a grown up.
Washing - again, this chore is never ending.
Revise long term "to do" list - there is stuff on this list that has been there since we moved two years ago like curtains for the main room - Ik.ea £10 jobs nailed up is really not very World of Interiors.
Try and not have my usual Saturday meltdown - failed at that one. This is a thing that is really giving me stress and which I can't really explain but which is making everyone miserable. I think I need a real post to unpick it.

5 snacks I enjoy
Tapenade and breadsticks
Gherkins - proper eastern european sour ones

Things I would do if I was a billionaire
Easy one this: new modern house ideally with a swimming pool and a big garden; distribute largesse to immediate family; new clothes that actually fit; set up a foundation - I have always fancied my name, or rather both our names, being on a plaque in a museum; give large sums to my rheumatologist's research lab, to brain tumour research and to research on unexplained infertility; and for my husband a 50 foot yacht plus a few more sailing lessons.

Places I have lived
London - born here but moved abroad pretty soon afterwards, came back for university and been here ever since in various points north of the river; allegedly cool town on the South Coast; nasty 60s town just outside London (we try and forget those couple of years); Switzerland; and the bonus ball I doubt you were expecting - Iran.

List jobs you have had
Shop assistant.
Lawyer - big corporate law firm for years; now lawyer in public service.

So there we are memes done. Pretty much everyone else seems to have done them already but if you haven't take this as an invitation to.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing. I have done this one too! NCLM

MsPrufrock said...

I think I've had two invites for the 6 questions meme and have yet to do it myself. Oops.

So Iran - very interesting. How did you end up living there?

DC said...

I love this meme! I'm a lawyer too, and I lived in London in my twenties. :)

Mara said...

Iran, huh? Very interesting... I'm sure there's a story somewhere!

Here from NCLM. I love the idea of setting up foundations for research with the millions of dollars, too.

Pepper said...

Great memoir! I too have done the rat race thing and found it less than fulfilling.

Visiting from NCLM

DC said...

Hope you're doing well. Please check in soon. :)

Portia P said...

I loved reading your meme.

You've lived in some really cool places. I'm v envious. I'd love to have lived abroad. I did time travelling but nothing as exciting as Iran!

I was also a lawyer.

This NCLM seems to have passed me by. Maybe next time....


Just Me. said...

Love the meme. I did this once too!