Saturday, 14 August 2010


As usual the months pass. Some brief itemettes for you. 

On Saturday we go to France for two weeks. Two weeks of I hope sun (bugger forecast looks dreary albeit better than here) and too much good food. Pity we start with hours and hours in the car. Ahh well probably better than struggling to the airport and then hours and hours in some hire car. I used to be fluent in French as my parents lived for years in a French speaking location not in France. Now not so much. At some point I'm going to have to take that big fat lie off my CV. It is unfortunate as the husband speaks no French not even O level French so I will have to do things I loathe with a vengeance even in English like booking restaurants and speaking to locals. Shivers with combination of dread and horror.

The school holidays are dragging. I am on a short fuse. The walking talking children have reached new levels of whininess. They also believe that holidays should be constant round of crisps, other unsuitable treats and outings. I think they would be better off reading books in the garden on a deck chair or alternatively being bored in their rooms. Unfortunately they are winning this particular battle. 

The small non walking child is currently happy to do whatever I want.  Yey! He is also over the colic. Yey again!   

I'm thinking about work and going back in a couple of months. This time I have missed it more than before. I have also realised that an enormous amount of my identity is tied up in my work which is possibly rather sad. I have also been missing an extraordinary time in - hmm in danger of losing anonymity and breaching the no work blogging rules - some bit of central London. But still it is always encouraging to constantly be reminded that those we serve think me and my colleagues are bunch of work shy, overpaid, over pensioned useless idiots. I suppose I should be glad I still have a job mind. It's not the same for many.

Right bedtime. Night all. Bisous.x 




Antropologa said...

Oooh, France! Doing all the language stuff will!

I like work, too.

Yeah, kids are whiners.

Aunt Becky said...

(I am so ready for Ben to go back to school)

Bea said...

Happy holidays! One heck of an outing for those that think it's their due... although perhaps not always the right "type" of outing, if they are doing their whinging right. But happy holidaying anyway! And I'm sure your French will come back better than you expected.


Thalia said...

just got back from france, had a lovely time, hope you did too.

Indeed, interesting times. What will it be like when you get back...

Anonymous said...

More month has passed. More itemettes, please?